WinGold.US welcomes Ex-President Donald J Trump

Golden Piece Prize WINNER!

A personal message from founder Stu Btwotwo, only for you, Ex-President Trump

Congratulations Mr. Trump.
You have successfully resigned the presidency in time.
Well done, sir! History will smill kindly on this moment. But even more importantly:

You, ex-President Trump hereby WIN the one and only GOLDEN PIECE PRIZE!!!
Let the world know that Donald J Trump has earned the prize, and all the approval that goes with it.
He just WON GOLD by making the best decision in human history!

Let it be known that Ex-President Trump has successfully retired from the U.S. Presidency ON OR BEFORE the prize award deadline: October 9th, 2017!

This decision to resign, retire and claim your prize is hereby permanently filed, effective immediately as of page load time:

The hugeness of this winning is unprecedented.

Prize Statue Award Details

Assuming WinGold raises sufficient funds in time ($155 Million = minimum 10% of our $1.55B goal),
WinGold is committed to building and delivering your Golden Piece Prize statue within one year after our funds collection deadline, which is 30 days after our fundraising deadline on Oct 9, 2017.
We expect to deliver your statue on or before
Tuesday, November 6, 2018.
The statue built and delivered to your designee will be of the design selected by ranked choice ballots of the WinGold winners club.
The current leading entry designs are shown in images at bottom. To vote for your preferred design, here is your ballot.

Our Statue Purity Pledge

WinGold will use at least 80% of prize funds raised to purchase gold for use in building of your huge beautiful statue award.
For tax consequences see here.
For Bonus Eagle rules see here.
However, if WinGold falls short of our 10% fundraising goal for GPP,
then FairVote voting education organization gets all the donated money, which we expect to be deductible to our donors.
See detailed prize rules here.

Next Steps

If you are not DJT POTUS, then you have reached this page in error.
You should buy a hat and donate to the prize fund.

Top 5 Statue Designs as of June 13, 2017

You can click here to VOTE on your favorite design