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Sorry humanity, President D.J. Trump FAILED

to retire before Oct 9, 2017, so he LOST the Huge Gold Statue of himself. Sad!

But the chances for winning and golding are far from over!

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$1.55 billion Piece Prize - worth over 1,500 times as much as Obama's puny Nobel Peace Prize

Vote Now for your favorite statue design, using Ranked Voting

This exciting video explains the magnificient prize opportunity!




Don't miss out on the Eclipse Eagle Bonus award, available only to Presidents resigning in time for
The North American total solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017

EXPIRES AFTER (conditions apply, see below)

When do we Win Gold?

By October 9th, 2017, day 263 of the presidency: Golden Piece Prize day

Why is October 9 2017 the Golden Piece Prize award deadline?

It was 8 years before, exactly, on October 9 2009 that Obama was named as 2009 Nobel Peace Prize recipient,
during his FIRST YEAR in office, on the 263rd day of his presidency!
Logic shows that since Obama was given a Peace Prize in the first year,
Trump MUST receive an equivalent or BETTER prize, awarded on or before on the 263rd day of HIS presidency,
but only IF he can PROVE he is a better President than Obama. There is ONLY ONE WAY for Donald J Trump to prove it!
Yes, by resigning!!! He will prove his wisdom, having made his point that our comically inadequate and destructive
two party system is failing American democracy. It's quite obvious that the problem is not Republicans or
Democrats alone, but the whole rigged electoral system. We want out of it, almost all of us. We want FAIR elections.
So good for you, Mr. Trump, you woke up the defiant American Spirit. That makes you the best president ever,
IF you can prove that you are in on the joke, and you resign in time. Do you have it in you?
The only Golden Piece Prize ever of its kind hangs in the balance, a huge piece of GOLD for you to WIN.
Win Gold Now!
If you are President Donald J Trump, RESIGN NOW by clicking here. But please only click if you are President Trump, and you are ready to Resign to Win Gold Now.

What is the Golden Piece Prize Statue?

A huge piece of gold, to win now.

The Golden Piece Prize is also an invitation to think about truth, propaganda, voting, money, and GOLD!

If fully funded with $1.55 billion US, the prize will be the hugest most beautiful golden statue ever built in human history.

The GPP prize statue will contain 1,000,000 oz, One Million troy ounces of pure, fine 24K gold.

WinGold winners are voting now on the design for the most impressive statue ever built to honor a person.


Ranked Voting makes you a WinGold.US winner.

Remember, Obama's Nobel Peace Prize (first year!) was puny, worth only about one million dollars. But,
ex-President Trump's Golden Piece Prize (first year!) will be an enormously huge GOLD statue depicting HIMSELF, of a design elected by the WinGold winners club (That means YOU!)
Our Golden Goal is to build a 9 million ounce statue which is one-ninth pure 24K gold, at a cost of $1.55 Billion USD.
That is a lot of money, to buy an amazing load of gold.
You can learn more about the amazing GPP statue here.

Time is running out on the most important decision in history, made by the most important person in the world.
Win Gold Now!


What is the Eclipse Bonus Eagle?

Ron Shore's beautiful Golden Eagle (tragically stolen from Mr. Shore on May 30, 2016) will be purchased and incorporated into the prize statue, under the following conditions:
  1. President Trump resigns before or during the total Solar Eclipse in North America, which ends at
  2. The Golden Eagle is found, returned to it's owner Ron Shore, and available for sale from him before the WinGold.US statue delivery deadline, which is Tuesday November 6, 2018.
The Eclipse bonus opportunity expires at the end of the total solar eclipse predicted on August 21, 2017.

Learn more about the mysterious relationship between Ron Shore and Donald Trump

Will we stop being so weird about the Golden Piece Prize?

Nope...unless precipitated by unforeseen events.
For example, suppose the August 21st eclipse doesn't happen as predicted by so called experts.
At that point, we would need to rethink our bonus structure, including the Eagle Bonus Deadline.

...and if he resigns DURING the North American eclipse on Aug 21, 2017?!?



Double Eagle Bonus!

By resigning DURING the eclipse, ex-President Trump would score an amazing Double Eagle Bonus.
In this case (given sufficient funds) WinGold will construct a new diamond and emerald-encrusted two headed eagle, at least twice as massive as the missing Shore Eagle, at 5 to 10 times the cost of it.
This double bonus is truly mindshattering in its hugeness and significance.
Many experts say Trump cannot pull off the Double Eagle Bonus, but we say he CAN!

How much money is it we need, again, to Win Gold?

One million troy ounces of pure 24K gold is about $1.3 Billion,
plus other materials, statue fab, delivery, admin of $250M =

$1,550,000,000.22 USD

But if we collect LESS than that our $1.55 billion golden goal, the prize statue will have to be smaller than planned. Sad!
If we collect less than 10% of our goal, or $155 Million, then we can build no statue at all. TRUMP LOSES.
All Golden Piece Prize fund donations collected will then go to of Tacoma Park, MD,
which is a 501(c)(3) organization selected by the WinGold.US inner winner committee.
WinGold.US has no direct affiliation with and does not speak for
That means your donation is treated as a donation to (UNLESS by Oct 9 2017 Trump resigns AND we raise $155 million or more), and should be tax deductible in the U.S.

Where does the Golden Piece Prize money come from?

Winning donors like you!

Has collection from donors started yet?


In addition or instead of giving money, you are also invited to Win Gold by supporting ranked voting initiatives in your own state.
Important: Citizen's referendums in 2017 on ranked voting are of primary importance.
You can start by reading up at and

Can I get a hat that says Win Gold Now?

You betcha!

Elections Ain't Football (in a healthy democracy)

More than two teams competing fairly in elections would be a much better approach than what we have in the USA today.
American politics has been stuck for a century in two-party football mode, which brought us the phony explanation of the 2003 Iraq War,
the compromised 2000 and 2016 elections, and a litany of other disasters that most any citizen can list for you. What a fiasco!
Trump himself said our election was rigged on DATE [VIDEO]
THEN HE WON! Remember that? What a hilarious outcome, right? Like when so and so was supposedly in bounds and he caught the touchdown.

Trying to move past this phony football politics, we have seen the Libertarians, Greens, Reform Party and others
have attracted significant support and offered good ideas and (sometimes) candidates. But if we actually VOTE for
those parties and candidates, then they become spoilers, due our to antiquated "first past the post" ballot
counting rules kept in place by GUESS WHOM?
So if we don't obediently vote for the less noxious of the two "big" parties, we are helping the "other" football party.
Witness 1992, 2000, 2016. Those rules are stifling our democracy, but we know how to fix them.
Ranked Voting is the answer, as explained at and
So are we ready to fix our democracy, have fair elections, and WIN GOLD?

Audio and Video?

Comin Mama!

Is time of the essence?

Always, it is said.


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